President's Note

Hello ILEA Los Angeles,

Our chapter continues to grow and it is with great excitement that I take on the role of President. The reason I have dedicated my time to ILEA is because of the friends I have made. I have only thrived in success because of those I surround myself with. I’ve learned so much from fellow board members, sponsors, speakers, members, and non-members alike and I am a more well-rounded event professional because you have all taught me.

At every ILEA event, I look around and see friends, peers, suppliers, and colleagues. I want ILEA LA to be about you; teach me who you are, what struggles do you face, where do you feel you need support professionally and as a person, and most of all, what is your dream?

We work in an industry that demands so much of us, but we cannot forget about ourselves. This year I would like to focus on Showing Up.

I ask you to show up with me.

I need you to show up and be that smile to let me know it’s all worth it. 

I need you to show up and teach me something I didn’t know.

I need you to show up and introduce me to the friend or colleagues you brought with you.

I ask you to show up so that I am not alone.  

I believe that we do business with people we know, like, and trust, so let’s each show up and get to know each other better!

For those who have shown up and continue to – thank you!  For those of you who are not sure how to show up – I invite you to attend an upcoming event. Check out our home page for upcoming event registrations and come surround yourself with others to help share ideas, learn from best practices, find someone who makes you want to do better, or make a friend.

Cheers to a great year of new friendships and showing up for each other!

Danny Fisk

ILEA Los Angeles President, 2018-2019