President's Message

Hello to my fellow #EventProfs-

Last year, we all saw the “new normal” give us interesting challenges both good and bad.  Like seeing business increase at a rapid pace, but not always have the staff to cover our clients' experience. Or being pushed to our limits mentally, physically, and emotionally to do what we love to do without support. These challenges personally led to new levels of anxiety, stress, and fatigue for me, but they also forced me to think about what I wanted out of this industry. After stressing and being too exhausted for my own good, I started realizing that I want to have the ability to enjoy what I do without being consumed by the pressure of this new normal. I knew that my next term as president had to focus on the responsibility of changing the new normal of the industry. I’m passionate about making things brighter for everyone from the vets like myself who have Hundreds of events under their belt to  the young and hungry professionals who are just learning. 

The responsibility isn’t just mine, but on each other to create a brighter future that makes our industry better, stronger, and more united.  I Want our members to thrive and have supported this year as we continue to navigate covid-19. I want our industry peers to have a community that gives them resources and a safe space to equip us all to deal with the challenges I mentioned earlier. I want to create opportunities for us to learn beyond events trends, Covid guidelines, best practices, and hybrid events, but understand how to prepare for the economic shifts realistically that are happening.  And I want to see diversity flow through our industry organically and with real intention.  This short list is not only a guide for our chapters but our industry!  A brighter future is for all of us!

So that’s my vision for this year and I hope you’ll join us as we push for a brighter future!  And before I let you all get back to having more delicious wine, i want to leave you with something from a person who has inspired me from time to time.  Audrey Graham or as his friend call him.. Drake once said, “When you look ahead and darkness is all you see, faith and determination will pull you through.”  I know we have the faith and determination to get to a brighter future together!


Marcie Booth
ILEA Los Angeles 
Chapter President 2022 - 2023