Member Spotlight


Carmela Roth

Red Company

Must have clothing or accessory item while working an event?  Gel insoles and a zippered lanyard pouch--- not only my name badge but room key, emergency cash, backup phone charger, multipurpose credit card tool and lip gloss!  

Dream client/event? Dream client – one that has multiple large events a year / Dream event - I’d love to do a Presidential inaugural ball! 

If you had one superhero power what would it be? Telepathy

Must visit venue/landmark for out-of-towners? Pageant of the Masters definitely during the summer!  Something everyone should experience.

What is your greatest achievement - personal or business? Becoming a mom….and starting a new company in the same year. It’s been and continues to be an incREDible journey.  

Fun fact no one would guess about you?  Love to travel and was fortunate to have the opportunity to fly on the Concorde…it was amazing

Spirit animal? Black Leopard

Best advice for someone starting out in the events/hospitality event?  Event planning has been identified as one of the top 10 most stressful jobs….you really, really need to love it!