Event Pros Take Action

Event Pros Take Action is a charitable organization that lets special events professionals give back to those in need. Our endeavors focus on relief efforts for communities that have experienced a natural disaster and are in the process of recovering from substantial loss and rebuilding communities.

Professionals from The Special Events Industry throughout the USA have come together in an unprecedented undertaking: a merging all of their talents and products, in an all-out effort to create dramatic results for the communities it aims to impact.

To date we have been to New Orleans five times, with the fifth trip in conjunction with Hurricane Katrina’s tenth anniversary in 2015. During our time in NOLA, we have distributed product to hundreds of families, including china, glass, silver, linens, and more. In addition, we have underwritten the complete rebuilding of several homes and furnished 9 homes from top to bottom.  This portion of our mission, Designing Digs, partners our Design Angels (event producers) with families in need so that we can create their “dream homes” for them. With bed sets, sofas, chairs, tables and so much more, we help these families start a new chapter in their lives. When in NOLA we add the finishing touches to the homes and host a Welcome Home Party for each family!  

In 2015 we started the Youth Project Initiative to help troubled youth as they start a new chapter in their lives.  With the hundreds of volunteers who have supported EPTA over the years, we collectively have donated thousands of dollars in product and service to aid this community in need.  In our effort to help other communities, we have made two trips to Rockaway NY to assist families who were affected by Hurricane Sandy.  In doing so, we have spread our wings further, aiding others who are trying to rebuild their lives.

Knowing that home is truly where the heart lies, Event Pros Take Action mission is to work with people who have lost their homes by profound tragedy. Through the generosity, donations, and talents of event professionals nationwide, EPTA intends to restore and improve the homes and therefore the quality of life for these worthy recipients.